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Volume 02   |   Issue 03

Marriage Is... - Volume 02 | Issue 03

Marriage Is…

We hope that the articles, stories, poems, and anecdotes in this issue of Motivated will be an encouragement for those who are considering marriage, those who already have made the commitment, or those who may be having a second chance at it. It is possible for a marriage to last “till death do us part”—if tender care is taken to water and nurture it.

  • Words for Loved Ones
  • The Loving Compliment
  • Marriage Is…
  • Committed – Hold on
  • News and Views – The question that could save your marriage before it begins
  • Parenting from the Heart – Jam to remember
  • Answers to Your Questions – How to put the magic back into a marriage
  • Love Is
  • The Perfect Girl – Just for fun
  • Notable Quotes – Each step of the way
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