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Volume 04   |   Issue 01

The Challenge in Change - Volume 04 | Issue 01

The Challenge in Change

In this issue of Motivated you’ll find great articles on the positive effects of change and challenge. After reading these, you may find yourself thinking, “Now what can and should I change in my life?” You may even find yourself considering taking some risks! I hope you will!
Change equals good, and by looking at change and challenge positively, it may lead you to where you’d always dreamed to be, or what you always wanted to do.

  • Taking the Plunge
  • The Challenge in Change
  • Swimming with Sea Giants
  • Problems vs Opportunities
  • Parenting from the Heart – Self-confidence boosters for your child
  • 10 Essential Tips to Change Your Life
  • It Takes Vision
  • Notable Quotes – Change is good
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