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Volume 02   |   Issue 09

Over-comers - Volume 02 | Issue 09


Whatever problems there may be—a physical handicap or serious illness, marriage or relationship problems, emotional difficulties, parenting challenges, trouble at work, financial struggles, or civil disturbances—we hope the articles in this issue of Motivated will be an encouragement, help you to overcome sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and come out on top in the end.

  • Hard Knocks
  • Overcomers – If they could do it-so can we
  • Adversity – Here to break us or make us?
  • Beyond the Challenge
  • Parenting from the Heart – The importance of parenting
  • Help in a Downward Financial Spiral – The way to financial freedom
  • 11 Tips… – On adopting the simple life and bucking the economic tide
  • Notable Quotes – Overcoming adversity
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