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Seasonal Issues   |   Eid 2002

A Special Message for Eid - Seasonal Issues | Eid 2002

A Special Message for Eid

For those who have experienced exceptional difficulties, hardship or loss in the past year, the New Year symbolizes a new beginning and fresh hope that better times lie ahead. For those whose past year has been filled with good things and gladness, entering the New Year may be a jubilant event. And then there are those who may look forward with apprehension, wondering what the New Year may hold for them personally or for the world.

Whatever the case may be and whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in at present, we all appreciate some positive input and encouragement before embarking on the journey ahead. We hope that this special holiday issue of Motivated will be just that for you.

  • A Special Message for Eid – The most beautiful hands
  • The Gift of You – Gifts that are treasured forever
  • Christmas is for Love – An orphan’s gift
  • The Pattern – A lesson in love
  • Life’s Yesterday’s – Leave the past behind
  • Don’t Look Back – A story for the New Year
  • What’s It All About? – “This is the meaning of my life.”
  • Resolved – How to keep your New Year’s resolutions
  • Answers to Your Questions – Forgiveness is the key
  • What Shall I Wish You? – A poem
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