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Seasonal Issues   |   Eid 2004

The Smile of Hope - Seasonal Issues | Eid 2004

The Smile of Hope

Eid marks a time of victory. A time when we remember how God has helped us make progress in overcoming our weaknesses and live more the way He intends for us to live—unselfishly and with love in our hearts for those around us. God has done great things for us and we are glad.
We hope the stories and articles in this special issue of Motivated will be an inspiration to you. May this year’s Eid be a celebration of thanksgiving, giving, forgiveness, victory, and peace for us all!

  • A Guide to Life – And list to live by
  • The Smile of Hope – It always smiles on
  • Wings of Gratitude – How lives can change
  • In Search of Happiness – The ultimate wealth
  • Just a Little Kindness – A poem
  • The Five Grains of Rice – A fable
  • A Memorable Eid – The sacrifice that made a difference
  • A Cup of Cold Water – You never lose by giving
  • What I Once Was
  • Notable Quotes – Happiness is
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