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Volume 10   |   Issue 06

Hands of Love - Volume 10 | Issue 06

Hands of Love

When my children were young, the reputable information available on raising teenagers was not as abundant and readily available as it is today. When I researched the topic and read through a myriad of articles for this issue of Motivated, I realized I most definitely made mistakes, although I tried my best.
Thankfully, they all turned out great and live meaningful lives, each one in their own unique way. I attribute this to the fact that despite the times I failed to handle some of their teen issues correctly, they always knew they were loved.

  • Hands of Love
  • 10 Keys to Raising a Great Teenager
  • “Help! Parenting Teen Issues Has Me Worn Out.”
  • Why Your Teen’s Life Is More Stressful Than Your Own
  • Letting Go When Your Teen Heads for College
  • Notable Quotes – Parenting


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