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Volume 09   |   Issue 12

Live Right - Volume 09 | Issue 12

Live Right

Someone once said, the way to stay healthy is to live right, love right, eat right, exercise right, and sleep right. I think we can all agree with that statement. Doing it, however, can be an entirely different story.
I know that if I could maintain a healthy lifestyle consistently, it would be much better, so I recently decided to do a little research and look for stories and articles with well-rounded tips and advice on how to do better in every area of healthy living.
I compiled some of what I found in this issue of Motivated. One of the best tips I found is to start by making small changes every day to build new healthy habits. I am working on it, and if you need to improve in some areas, I hope you will, too.

  • I Get It… I’ve Been There!
  • LIVE RIGHT – 10 Ways to Start a Meaningful Life… Today!
  • LOVE RIGHT – Let Love Be Your Guide
  • EAT RIGHT – Eating Right Isn’t Complicated
  • EXERCISE RIGHT – How to Start Working Out
  • SLEEP RIGHT – 9 Surprising Reasons to Get More Sleep
  • Notable Quotes – Healthy living


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