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Volume 09   |   Issue 11

The Encouragement Experiment - Volume 09 | Issue 11

The Encouragement Experiment

It is human nature to form quick opinions based on the things we see and hear, without taking the time to dig deeper. Judging by mere appearances can limit our ability to see others as they truly are, but if we’re honest, most of us would probably admit to doing just that, at least some of the time.
If we want to see the world and those around us change, let’s start by believing that others are more than they appear to be. Let’s try to draw out the good in those around us, appreciate individuals for who they are, and acknowledge their gifts and talents. When we highlight the good in them, that good can flourish even more.

  • The Encouragement Experiment
  • The Perfect Life
  • Birthday Messenger
  • Growth Is Addictive
  • Children Learn What They Live
  • Parenting from the Heart – Change your tone
  • 10 Ways to Encourage Someone Else Today
  • Notable Quotes – Encouragement


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