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Volume 09   |   Issue 09

Facing Change and Trimming Trees - Volume 09 | Issue 09

Facing Change and Trimming Trees

Decisions come in all shapes and sizes.
Everyday we face decisions about what to eat, whether to exercise, how to use our time, etc. Over the years, these decisions become habits, and we don’t think much about them. If we’ve made good decisions from the start, we don’t usually have to worry about them.
In this issue of Motivated I included a number of stories and articles that helped me during times of decision-making. I hope they will support and guide you in making wise choices, too, and that with God’s guidance, whatever changes or choices you face, they will turn out just the way you hope.

  • Facing Change and Trimming Trees
  • My Life. My Choice. My Future.
  • The End of Her Part
  • Change Is Inevitable – How to come out of it a better person
  • Parenting from the Heart – Helping kids cope with change
  • Looking Goofy
  • Notable Quotes – Choices


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