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Volume 09   |   Issue 05

The Smallest Coin in the World - Volume 09 | Issue 05

The Smallest Coin in the World

Money matters can be a considerable cause for concern, and taking care of our financial needs can take up a lot of our time. Bills need to be paid, there are mouths to be fed, retirement to think about, and the list goes on. Sometimes these money worries can become almost overwhelming.
Our giving may not always be rewarded in exactly the same way, or in exactly the way we’d like or think we need, but I truly believe that we never lose by giving.
I hope the articles and stories on money matters in this issue of Motivated will inspire you, and motivate you to keep giving to those in need.

  • The Smallest Coin in the World
  • Stepping Out from a First-World Mindset
  • Parenting from the Heart – 10 money lessons to teach your kids before they turn 10
  • I Never Lost by Giving!
  • Timeless Tales – Two smart money lessons from old fables
  • 7 Characteristics of Debt-Free Living
  • Notable Quotes – The joy of giving
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