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Volume 09   |   Issue 02

Mandela Can’t Do It All - Volume 09 | Issue 02

Mandela Can’t Do It All

Something happened recently that made me think about forgiveness. I decided I needed a refresher course and review on forgiving past hurts, and knowing how to deal with current issues. The stories and articles I found and read gave me further insight in the complex dynamics of forgiveness, and showed me ways to improve. I hope that sharing what I found will be helpful, and that this issue of Motivated will provide the tips and inspiration you may need to forgive both yourself and others.

  • Mandela Can’t Do It All
  • Barriers to Forgiveness
  • The Wonderful Day My Student Forgave Me
  • Parenting from the Heart – How to teach a child forgiveness
  • Notable Quotes – Forgiveness is Power
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