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Volume 08   |   Issue 05

Faith Does It Again - Volume 08 | Issue 05

Faith Does It Again

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was known as a master trickster, and the most cunning of men. Eventually, the gods were so displeased with his craftiness and deceitfulness that they condemned him in the afterlife to push a huge boulder up a steep hill.
The boulder was enchanted so that Sisyphus was never able to complete the task: whenever he neared the top, the boulder always rolled back down—endlessly.

That’s just a story, of course, but it’s an impression we can sometimes relate to. We feel like we are pushing a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down, and sometimes it can even feel like it rolls right over us on its way down.
The stories and articles in this issue of Motivated all attest that with faith we can reach the top of the hill, and that we will be able to move on eventually.

  • Faith Does It Again
  • Surviving a Difficult Situation
  • Paperclip Faith
  • The Sign
  • The Doubt Side of Faith
  • Peaks and Valleys
  • Notable Quotes – Finding faith
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