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Volume 08   |   Issue 02

Starting Over - Volume 08 | Issue 02

Starting Over

Changes come to all of us in different ways. They may come in the form of marriage, motherhood, separation or divorce, grandparenthood, changing careers, changes of location, or changes in health. Accepting and even embracing change, in whatever form it comes, can result in wonderful growth and renewal. The articles and stories in this issue of Motivated attest to that.
I hope reading through them will leave you with the same positive feeling I had after I worked on this issue, and that you will be able to conclude, as I did, that change is good!

  • Changing Landscapes
  • Starting Over
  • 7 Things You Need to Know to Deal with Major Life Changes
  • The Road You Travel
  • Making Peace with Jo
  • Parenting from the Heart – Drink up!
  • Notable Quotes – Change
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