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Volume 06   |   Issue 11

Accidents Don’t "Just Happen" - Volume 06 | Issue 11

Accidents Don’t Just Happen

This issue of Motivated includes stories and articles on safety at home and while out, which if adhered to, might just save your or someone else’s life. Some of this information you may already be familiar with, and other things may be new to some of you. Whether reviewing or reading these articles for the first time, I hope that they will be a valuable resource and reminder of all the things you can do to help ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, and those you work and interact with in the community.
Life is precious! Live it carefully and safely!

  • Accidents Don’t “Just Happen”
  • The Auction – A short story
  • The Dangers of Texting While Driving
  • Parenting from the Heart – Home safety tips for kids
  • Road Rage
  • How to Prepare for an Emergency
  • Notable Quotes – Safe and sound
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