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Volume 06   |   Issue 07

The Rise of the Problem-Solver - Volume 06 | Issue 07

The Rise of the Problem-Solver

My 8-year-old grandson loves to play games—all sorts of games, but mostly those he is able to win. From the minute he starts to play, he checks frequently to make sure he is and stays ahead of everyone. When this does not happen, he can get pretty grumpy sometimes, and on occasion he has had a mini-meltdown because he lost.

It’s important to remember, just like I always remind my grandson, that in the game of life we score points by playing with character and commitment, through positive actions and kind words, by having a noble attitude towards those that cross our path, and simply doing the very best with the abilities and skills we have.
When we live like that, we’re all winners.

  • To the Finish Line!
  • Dealing with Dragons
  • The Rise of the Problem-Solver
  • Parenting from the Heart – My Aconcagua
  • Onwards to Excellence
  • How to Win at Life
  • New Roads
  • A Work in Progress
  • Notable Quotes – How to win
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