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Volume 06   |   Issue 06

Can Stories Really Change the World? - Volume 06 | Issue 06

Can Stories Really Change the World?

Both the news and the internet are filled with heartrending human interest stories. Just scrolling through my Facebook feed I come across post after post that bring tears to my eyes. Stories about children with special needs being bullied, elderly people not having their needs met, war and conflict causing devastation in too many regions around the globe, poverty and outbreaks of fatal diseases, and the list goes on.
The stories in this issue of Motivated are powerful reminders of what can happen when we take that first step towards making a difference. I hope they will inspire you to take action, and will contribute to social change. Together we can improve our world.

  • Can Stories Really Change the World?
  • 4 Totally Realistic Ways to Make a Difference
  • World Changers
  • Iftikhar Hamdani
  • Jadav Payeng
  • Betty Williams
  • Noura Galal
  • Parenting from the Heart – How to instill compassion in children
  • Amazing Kids Who Made a Difference
  • Ryan Hreljac
  • Katie Stagliano
  • Louis Braille
  • Riley Hebbard
  • Cassandra Lin
  • Notable Quotes – Change the world
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