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Volume 06   |   Issue 02

The Power of Encouragement - Volume 06 | Issue 02

The Power of Encouragement

In a world that often tells us we should be thinking more about “what’s in it for me” than “what can I do for others,” it is more needed than ever that we offer friendship, community, and kindness. Everyone needs it, even those whose job involves encouraging others, as they can feel empty and in need of a lift, too.
The articles and stories in this issue of Motivated show how powerful kind words and deeds are, and how they can change lives, including our own.
Let’s encourage each other today!

  • The Power of Encouragement
  • Encourager or Discourager – What will you be?
  • How to Encourage
  • Be Encouraged – 8 tips to celebrate how far you’ve come
  • Parenting from the Heart – The words that could unlock your child
  • Notable Quotes – Encouragement
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