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Volume 05   |   Issue 06

Walk a Mile in His Shoes - Volume 05 | Issue 06

Walk a Mile in His Shoes

At the root of the strongest and most lasting relationships is a sincere wish for the well-being of the other person. Cultivating this thought sets in motion a chain of events in which we naturally learn to act with more warmth and kindness, and others, in turn, are more likely to respond positively towards us.
I hope this issue of Motivated will be a helpful guide towards building positive relationships, which is one of the most direct and effective routes to a happy life.

  • Walk a Mile in His Shoes
  • How to Relate Better to People
  • Honing Your Soft Skills – Tips for career development
  • People Skills
  • Together We Can Do It – Building relationships with people from different cultures
  • Parenting from the Heart – Teaching kids to get along with each other
  • Notable Quotes – Relating to others
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