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Volume 05   |   Issue 05

Making Great Decisions - Volume 05 | Issue 05

Making Great Decisions

I am at a point where I will soon have to make some major decisions. It got me thinking, and I ended up doing quite a bit of research on the decision-making process, which has never been easy for me.
One of the most important things to do when faced with making major, possibly life-changing decisions, is to have a positive attitude. It cast a new light on my situation, and I can say that I now even look forward with some excitement and expectancy to the crossroads up ahead.
I hope reading the articles and stories I found on making decisions for this issue of Motivated, will have the same positive effect on you.

  • Follow Your Heart
  • Making Great Decisions
  • Parenting from the Heart – Problem solving with my teen
  • Are You Doing Things for the Right Reason?
  • Why Not? – The benefits of trying new things
  • You Can’t Decide-So What Should You Do?
  • Making Wrong Choices
  • Notable Quotes – Choices
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