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Volume 02   |   Issue 12

A Parent’s Best Investment - Volume 02 | Issue 12

A Parent’s Best Investment

Most parents want the best for their children. Of course, it is good to try to help them reach their full potential, but there is often a fine line between that and expecting too much. Nobody is perfect, so we should learn to celebrate the successes and not worry about the rest. If we strive for love and trust rather than perfection, we will form lifelong bonds that will keep us together through anything.
Happy parenting!—And for those doubly blessed, happy grandparenting!

  • Influence
  • How to Have a Happier Home – Mealtimes will never be the same
  • Start the Day off Right
  • Parenting from the Heart – Pancakes and pudding
  • Tips on Parenting
  • A Parent’s Best Investment – Presents or presence?
  • Children Learn What They Live
  • The Problem with Modern Entertainment – What is molding our children’s values?
  • Proactive Parenting – How to get the most from TV
  • Notable Quotes – There’s nothing like family
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