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Volume 02   |   Issue 01

Why Suffering - Volume 02 | Issue 01

Why Suffering?

How people come through suffering or react to the suffering of others depends largely on their faith. Those who have no faith often go down in despair, but those who have strong faith in a just and loving God can call out to Him in their time of need, and find the grace and strength to rise above their pain and loss.
Suffering is part of life, but a wonderful faith and assurance can be ours by connecting with God’s love and comfort when we need Him most.

  • Whispers from Beyond – The mysterious rescue
  • Bitter or Better – The making of a better you
  • News and Views – How to be prepared for anything
  • Why Suffering – Answers to some of life’s most troubling questions
  • Parenting from the Heart – Through the eyes of a child
  • Notable Quotes – Overcoming
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