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Volume 01   |   Issue 11

The Elevator - Volume 01 | Issue 11

The Elevator

The subject of positive communication and interaction is so vast that these few pages can hardly do the subject justice, but we tried to compile what we felt to be pertinent articles, tips, and stories on having positive human relations—an art so essential in today’s troubled world. Learning to use even one or two of these “people skills” can make such a difference that you will most likely want to try and master them all.

  • The Teacher’s Pillow
  • The Elevator – How far a little kindness goes…
  • The Argument Against Arguments
  • Nails in the Gatepost – The scars remain
  • Answers to Your Questions – How to resist the temptation to gossip
  • News and Views – The boomerang effect of gossip
  • Notable Quotes – Words are real things
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