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Volume 01   |   Issue 06

Pressured - Volume 01 | Issue 06


There’s seemingly no end to stressful situations. You’ll have more peace, be in better health, get more done, sleep better, be happier, get more out of life, and have more to give by simply trying to put the time-tested tips in this issue of Motivated into practice.

  • The Big Rocks – What are the “big rocks” in your life?
  • The Winner – Thoughts on a soccer game
  • Pressured? – Time-tested tips for shedding stress
  • Ah the Simple Life! – What’s really important
  • Answers to Your Questions – How can I get more done?
  • Mad Dash – A commentary on life in the 21st century
  • Out in the Fields – A poem
  • Go Slow – You’ll get there quicker
  • Notable Quotes – You must have rest to do your best
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