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Special Edition   |   Comfort

Through the Storm - Special Edition | Comfort

Through the Storm

Everyone needs comfort at some time or another. Everyone needs to be assured that no matter how bleak the future may appear, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. There is peace to be found, if we will only hold on and believe that there is Someone who cares.
We hope that this issue of Motivated will be a comfort to you personally, and will help you reach out to others around you who may be in need. Most of all, we hope it reassures you that God cares for you.

  • Peace on Earth?
  • A Small Christmas Truce
  • How to Live in Peace
  • Peacemakers – Modern-day people who contributed to peace
  • Taking Action
  • Parenting from the Heart – Teaching children to be peacemakers
  • Notable Quotes – Peace on earth
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