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Youth Zone   |   Issue 06

Do I Have Enough? - Youth Zone 01 | Issue 06

Do I Have Enough?

The power of being kind is tremendous, and can make a big difference in someone’s life. The stories, articles, and tips in this issue of Youth Zone focus on this important, but often neglected skill. Sometimes our acts of kindness do not get an instant reaction, but in many cases, we see the effects right away. When that happens, it’s always worth telling the story.

  • “Do I Have Enough?”
  • My Pal
  • Activity Corner: Kindness Week
  • Kids Who Care
  • Small Deeds of Kindness
  • Kindness Quotes
  • Activity Corner: The Coin Jar
  • Another Chance
  • Pass It On
  • Are You a Finder
  • Keeper… or Giver?
  • Albert Einstein
  • Activity Corner: Kindness Math
  • Use Your Words


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