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Youth Zone   |   Issue 05

Nails in the Gatepost - Youth Zone 01 | Issue 05

Nails in the Gatepost

This issue of Youth Zone is full of communication tips that will help you build strong relationships, show you how to use tact to prevent arguments, and humor to spice up your presentations. There’s something for everyone!!

  • The Sun and the Wind
  • What Is Communication?
  • Activity Corner: Words Alone
  • Nails in the Gatepost
  • What Is Tact?
  • Activity Corner—Now You Try!
  • How Do Wars Begin?
  • 5 Ways to Prevent an Argument
  • Activity Corner: How Well Do You Work Together?
  • The Angry Customer
  • Dale Carnegie — The Ten Rules of Human Relations
  • Humor Saves the Day
  • What They Did Before TV


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