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Motivated for Kids   |   Issue 02

Manners and Courtesy - Motivated for Kids 01 | Issue 02

Manners and Courtesy

This second issue of Motivated for Kids focuses on good manners and courtesy—attributes that are highly valued in every culture, no matter our age, place of birth, or mother tongue. The stories and fun activities in this issue portray the positive effects of having good manners and emphasize the importance of treating everyone with love, courtesy, and kindness.

  • The Little Gentleman – A lesson on courtesy
  • Matching Game – Activity page
  • Maze – Activity page
  • King Freddy – Good table manners are important
  • Color the Picture – Activity page
  • Make and Do: Good Manners Flower
  • Answer Keys to Activity Pages
  • Little Words for the Wise – Good manners are COOL!


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