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Volume 07   |   Issue 11

Volume 7 | Issue 11

God’s Purpose in My Child’s Disability

The articles in this issue of Motivated remind us to respect and see the potential in those with special needs. When we do, they will blossom, and may surprise us by exceeding our wildest expectations, like the many—both famous and less-known—who defied the odds and went on to lead successful and productive lives despite, and because of their disabilities.
My two amazing grandsons are proof of this. They already contribute to our world in a special and unique way, and I don’t doubt that they will continue to amaze us. I am so proud of them.

  • God’s Purpose in My Child’s Disability
  • Interacting with People with Special Needs – The basics
  • Parenting from the Heart – The importance of self-esteem
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Hire People with Disabilities – Learning from one another has its benefits
  • Bipolar Disorder and Your Job
  • My Best Friend Fela – She didn’t give up
  • Notable Quotes – Life with disability