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Volume 07   |   Issue 03

Volume 7 | Issue 3

What We Can Learn from Walt Disney

As a mother of six, a grandmother of eleven, a certified homeschool teacher, and currently a part-time instructor of children on the autism spectrum, education has always been a topic close to my heart. I love to find new and innovative ways to teach children, and I love to keep learning to update my own skills also.
I hope the stories and articles in this issue of Motivated will help to rekindle your love of learning, and encourage you that where there is a will to learn, there is always a way.

  • What We Can Learn from Walt Disney
  • Experience Or Education – Which One Lands You the Job?
  • Holistic Education
  • Parenting from the Heart – 10 ways to inspire a love of learning
  • Never Too Old to Learn
  • Notable Quotes – Never stop learning